The Whirl A Snake Khanga – White & Blue


A multipurpose cloth that can become a tablecloth, picnic blanket, wall hanging, chair throw, bed cover, apron, dress, skirt, shawl, towel, sarong, or even a sunshade on the beach. This design is based on the African proverb “Do not whirl a snake in the air when you have killed it; the ones that remain in their holes will see you” and emblazoned with Mr Somebody and Mr Nobody’s insignia surrounded by old-school radios, vintage cars and, of course, their ever-present chickens.

In stock

  • materials: 100% cotton
  • approx. 64” long x 42” wide
  • colors: blue on white background
  • printed in limited edition runs
  • comes packaged in a groovy brown paper radio bag
  • made in the U.S.


Sharon Lombard and Heidi Chisholm, two South African expats living in the USA, have tapped into their collective history to form the creative enterprise Mr Somebody & Mr Nobody. Working collaboratively from Miami and New York City these female "gents" are all about the unexpected and unusual peppered with African wit and proverbial wisdom. While raising existential questions regarding transition, change, making a home, making do and maintaining hope despite the certain uncertainties of life, we find that their tongue-in-cheek curiosities and retro-inspired home goods are just plain old pick-me-ups.