Smoked Arbequina Olive Oil By Castillo De Canena


Some time ago a dear friend returned from a European romp and gifted us with a bottle of this amazing olive oil from Spain. In the weeks following, we planned almost every meal around the smooth, smoky flavors of this exceptional oil—we just couldn’t get enough of it. Made exclusively from Arbequina olives, this extra virgin oil is slowly infused with naturally produced smoke from a mix of oak, beech, and birch wood over a 6-hour period. Divine on its own, or drizzled over a bowl of simple pasta, it immediately elevates even simple food to new gastronomic heights.

  • size 8.5 oz/250 ml bottle
  • made from Arbequina olives
  • infused with natural wood smoke
  • acidity level 0.12%
  • drizzle over salads, seafood or pasta, stir into soups or sauces
  • award winning olive oil made in Andalusia, Spain


Castillo De Canena, an Andalusian family owned estate in the South of Spain has produced award winning olive oils since 1780.


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