Seletti Glassware


Thin-walled but remarkably resilient, these lovely mouth-blown glasses move with ease from cocktail party to kitchen table. Offered in two sizes, since we think everything tastes better served from a thin, lightweight glass.
Witty elevation of everyday objects, or wry commentary on our disposable culture? Either way Seletti, an Italian company specializing in contemporary home wares, creates one of the cheekiest—and refined—lines we know. Called the “Estetico Quotidiano” collection, it renders humble household objects such as buckets and soup pots, plastic water bottles and drinking cups, egg cartons and storage tins in fine porcelain and thin, elegant glass. And while their reproductions may look precious, they certainly don’t act the part. All Seletti glasses are dishwasher safe.


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  • material: glass
  • glasses sold individually (not a set)
  • available in 2 sizes
  • small glass: 3¾” high x 2¾” diam; (small style has 5 ridges)
  • large glass: 4½” high x 3¼” diam.(large style has one ridge and slightly widens towards the top)
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