Rock & Roll Face Scrub By Triumph & Disaster


Men don’t exfoliate, men scrub. Handcrafted using natural ingredients this is a scrub not for the faint of heart. Volcanic ash and green clay help remove dirt, clean out clogged pores, clear dead skin, and leave your face feeling clean and new. Infused with a unique natural smoke and wood fragrance.
Created in New Zealand Triumph & Disaster makes men’s skincare and grooming tools with old fashioned values and a little rock & roll swagger.

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  • key ingredients: volcanic ash (a little like diamonds, this stuff is created under pressure, a natural abrasive it combines perfectly with natural clays for deep exfoliation), kaolin (white clay), green clay (think of it as kryptonite for blackheads, unbeatable at drawing out dirt and impurities from oily skin, it is also nourishing being naturally rich in iron, magnesium and potassium)
  • 4.2 oz. (125 ml) jar
  • simple, natural formulations without parabens or petrochemicals, tailored to male tastes
  • made in New Zealand