On The Road Travel Kit By Triumph & Disaster


Lightweight, compact and infinitely snazzier than a jumble of bottles hastily chucked into your suitcase, this set is ready to hit the road, Jack (or Jill as the case may be). Kit contains a quartet of T&D essentials to aid and abet fast getaways.
Created in New Zealand, Triumph & Disaster is a modern apothecary making men’s skincare and grooming tools with old fashioned values and a little rock & roll swagger. Truth be told, people of all genders covet these products because they deliver fantastic (and fantastic smelling) results.

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  • four 1.01 oz. (30 ml) tubes
  • YLF Wash: an all-purpose wash for face, body, and hair. Infused with Rosewood, Kawakawa, Jojoba and Argan oils.
  • Ritual Face Cleanser: formulated to clean without drying or irritation. Light, refreshing, peppermint fresh.
  • Old Fashioned Shave Cream: natural ingredients combine to soften and lift hair for a smooth glide and close shave.
  • Gameface Moisturizer: Jojoba, Ponga fern and Horopito deliver a calming, hydrating, and soothing moisturizer.
  • simple, natural formulations without parabens or petrochemicals
  • made in New Zealand