Mr Dog X Treats For Small Dogs


Mr. Dog has partnered with Maison de Pawz to create a superb human grade treat that your dog will love. Specializing in traditional patisserie baking techniques, Maison de Pawz has created an all natural treat of the highest quality, that’s gluten & grain free without any chemicals or preservatives whatsoever. Produced by hand in small batches with just 5 yummy ingredients. The unique x-shape allows one treat to be turned into 4!

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  • ingredients:
  • ground organic buckwheat flour
  • unsalted smooth peanut butter,
  • uncured, nitrate free smoked salmon
  • grade "A" maple syrup
  • rolled oats
  • small treats: 1" diameter
  • weight: ½ lb.
  • baked low and slow for crisp texture and natural preservation. Store in a cool dark place.
  • made in the U.S.

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