Mature Ha Boxed Hat 7011 Bronze With Wide Black Band


Artisanal Japanese hat company, Mature Ha is best known for their signature “boxed hat,” a revolutionary new design that set out to reinvent the traditional straw hat. Made of a super soft, lightweight, and pliable material, the “boxed hat” can be folded, tucked away in a bag, and even squished into a suitcase, but springs back to shape with ease, making it the perfect travel companion. Comfortable to wear, these hats change their shape freely, embodying the brand’s love of simplicity and beauty, while leaving plenty of room for creativity to express the individual style of its wearer.

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• materials: paper 74%, abaca (Manila hemp) 18%, polyester 8%, 100% cotton ribbon
• color: bronze with black band
• one size fits all
• brim size: 4.5"
• unisex design with a simple, wide black band
• a timeless style with an emphasis on packability and comfort
• packs into a book-shaped box
• handcrafted in Japan

• care directions:
Store hat in its box when not in use or during travel to maintain shape. When wet, the hat will lose its boxy and angular form, becoming rounder. To re-shape, dry excess water with a towel, re-shape using the box, and then allow to dry.