Linnea Cashmere Candle


The subtle and unique fragrances of Linnea’s candles are hand-blended in natural soy wax with pure essences and natural fragrances to create clean burning, perfectly scented, highly aromatic candles. Each candle is triple scented so the subtle fragrance lingers throughout the life of the candle.

In stock

  • 11 oz. soy candle in frosted glass jar
  • double wicks
  • approx. burn time 70 hours
  • 3 ½” diameter x 4 ½” high
  • includes matches
  • handmade in U.S.
  • Cashmere: a warm and comforting scent with herbal patchouli, amber woods, vanilla, and just a hint of lime to keep it bright and clean. A luxurious blend inspired by soft and sensual cashmere draping the skin, comforting warmth on a brisk day, and memories of home.