Large Glass Water Bottle by Seletti – Style 1


Don’t be surprised if these graceful glass bottles remind you of a similar vessel of the disposable sort. Both fun and functional, we offer these in a quartet of styles, each with a removable cap fitted with a plastic seal. A lovely way to serve water at the table or—why not?—offer up a delicate bouquet of blossoms.
Witty elevation of everyday objects, or wry commentary on our disposable culture? Either way Seletti, an Italian company specializing in contemporary home wares, creates one of the cheekiest—and refined—lines we know. Called the “Estetico Quotidiano” collection, it renders humble household objects such as buckets and soup pots, plastic water bottles and drinking cups, egg cartons and storage tins in fine porcelain and thin, elegant glass.

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  • material: glass, plastic seal
  • 13” high x 3” diameter
  • Seletti water glass pictured sold separately
  • Imported