Gameface Moisturizer By Triumph & Disaster


Men don’t like women’s moisturizers, men have different needs and different wants from the oils and creams they put on their skin. Gameface is a nutrient rich guy’s moisturizer to help protect your skin against the elements. Specifically designed to be light on the skin and easily absorbed, it will leave you feeling hydrated and fresh.

Created in New Zealand Triumph & Disaster makes men’s skincare and grooming tools with old fashioned values and a little rock & roll swagger.

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  • key ingredients: jojoba extract, ponga fern extract (the Maori used this powerful herb to heal their wounds after battle), horopito (also native to New Zealand and one of the world’s oldest flowering plants and a fantastic antioxidant and conditioning agent), natural fragrances
  • 3.04 oz (90 ml) tube
  • simple, natural formulations without parabens or petrochemicals, tailored to male tastes
  • made in New Zealand