Factory Cage Lamps by Roost


A modern twist on an archetype, our factory cage lamps look plucked from an abandoned factory. Designed by U.S. company Roost, the industrial-looking metal cage and socket are made of silver plated brass and feature a simple knob on the socket for conveniently switching on and off. Each light fixture comes with a generously sized 15-foot plug-end braided metal cord, giving you plenty of length and flexibility to hang your lamp. Particularly striking when paired with our filament bulbs (sold separately). UL listed components.


  • materials: silver plated brass wire cage, braided metal covered electrical cord
  • 15 foot electrical cord (plug-in)
  • convenient on/off knob on socket
  • filament bulbs sold separately
  • available in 4 styles
  • Cylinder style measures 4 ¾” diam. x 9” high (sold out)
  • Pagoda style measures 9 ½” diam. x 7” high
  • Wide style measures 12 ½” diam. x 5” high
  • Cone style measures 6 ¼” diam. x 8” high (sold out)