Edison Style Filament Bulb – Large


Much more than mere illumination, lighting informs the mood of a room. Our Filament Bulbs instantly add interest and a warm ambience to any space. Made with the same technique and materials used in early Edison bulbs, our European-standard 60 watt bulbs are appropriate for U.S fixtures and burn at a gentle 20 watts due to the lower U.S voltage. Not only are they very energy efficient using less electricity, but they will also last much longer than standard 60 watt bulbs. Available in five shapes and sizes, each style has a distinct filament pattern when illuminated. Bulbs pair beautifully with our workshop and factory cage lamps or cloth cord sets for filament bulbs.

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  • materials: glass filament bulb
  • 2-3/8” diameter x 5” long
  • soft ambient mood light
  • 60 W bulb wired to European standard only burns at 20 W when used in a U.S. fixture
  • very energy efficient, gives off less heat and has a much longer life span than a regular incandescent light bulb