Dark Moon Hydrating Cream By Triumph & Disaster


The dark moon is invisible to Earth, silent and hidden in shadow, a deep breath taken before each lunar cycle. ‘Dark Moon’ by Triumph & Disaster represents this concept of reflection and recovery and is designed to work with our body’s natural rhythm. A scientifically engineered hydrating cream, Dark Moon utilizes Vitamin C, Olive and Horopito to facilitate healthy, vibrant skin; working silently and naturally in the deep hours before dawn. Apply daily prior to bed, or as a top up to your daily moisturising routine.

Pair Dark Moon with Dichotomy Eye Serum for super-nourishment for your delicate eye area.

Created in New Zealand Triumph & Disaster makes men’s skincare and grooming tools with old fashioned values and a little rock & roll swagger. Truth be told, people of all genders covet these products because they deliver fantastic (and fantastic smelling) results.

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  • 1.69 oz (50 ml) jar
  • key ingredients: jojoba extract, ponga fern extract (the Maori used this powerful herb to heal their wounds after battle), horopito (also native to New Zealand and one of the world’s oldest flowering plants and a fantastic antioxidant and conditioning agent), natural fragrances
  • hydration for regeneration. Best used as a night cream, this is a light hydrating phenomenon. Feels effortless on the skin whilst delivering outstanding hydration.
  • engineered to enhance collagen production using multiple sources rich in Vitamin C such as Kakadu plum, Swamp maple, and Rosemary. Vitamin C is for Collagen.
  • simple, natural formulations without parabens or petrochemicals, tailored to male tastes
  • made in New Zealand