Bougies La Francaise Candles – Box of 20


Bougies La Francaise candles are without peer, providing a completely drip-free burn, and their patented design hasn’t changed a bit since the turn of the century. Perforated with five hollows that run the length of the candle allows the melting wax to be channeled into the interior of the candle where it provides more fuel for the flame, rather than spilling over the sides. Made of refined paraffin with cotton wicks for a clean, smoke free burn for at least 7 hours, each taper is finished with a grooved foot that allows it to fit inside all types of candlesticks. They’re staples all over France—you’ll find them indispensable, too!

  • material: premium quality paraffin wax, cotton wick
  • Box of 20 tapers: each 9” tall x 0.83” diameter
  • self-trimming taper wicks
  • unscented
  • made in France


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