Blacksaw 53”x70” Reversible Throw Icon In Black/Ivory


Chances are.. you’ve never felt anything this soft. This means luxury, durability and of course comfort. Easy on the eyes, and alluring to the touch, the Icon Reversible Throw, is an impactful creative masterpiece created in collaboration with artist John Zabawa. Inspired by the imperfections of raw stone and the curved lines of sculpture this throw creates an unforgettable extrasensory experience in every space. Made from one of the finest eco-friendly materials on the planet, 100% baby alpaca, it is as soft as cashmere, 7x warmer than wool, hypoallergenic, moisture wicking and resistant to odor, matting and pilling.

– 53” x 70”
– Made in Peru

In stock

• material: 100% super soft Baby Alpaca
• 53” x 70”
• rolled hem with blanket stitching
• color: ivory and black (reversible)
• alpaca fleece is famous for being hypoallergenic, which means it doesn’t scratch or prickle the skin
• yarns are 100% naturally colored using no dyes

Alpaca fibers are naturally odor, stain and wrinkle resistant which means the garments can go a long way between cleaning. We encourage you to hang your Alpaca throw outside, avoiding direct sunlight, to air it out occasionally. When the day comes that you do need to clean your Alpaca throw, please read the care instructions on the garment first or dry clean only. Washing will result in shrinkage and loss of fabric smoothness, even using careful methods. An Alpaca throw can last for decades, but it’s greatest enemies are moths. If you need to tuck your Alpaca blanket or throw away during warmer months, dry clean it first, then store it in a safe place with insect repelling cedar chips or lavender bundles. Remember, if you plan on putting it away dirty, insects are drawn to the dirt and bodily oils on the fibers. Please do not store in a plastic bag or dry cleaning bag as this will allow moisture to build up and fibers to felt. All Blacksaw throws ship with a cotton canvas drawstring bag for safe storage.