Bellocq Amar Chai In Traveler Caddy


Formerly known as Hindu Holiday, now Amar Chai, is simply the most gorgeous caffeine-free chai. A rich and smooth blend of organic, fair trade South African rooibos, cardamom, fragrant cassia, and spicy ginger adorned with garlands of rose, jasmine and marigold petals.

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  • ingredients: org. rooibos, org. ginger, org. cinnamon, org. cardamom, org. rose petals, org. calendula flowers, org. jasmine flowers, natural flavorings
  • 3.5 oz./100 g. of tea in 4¾” tall traveler caddy
  • handcrafted in the U.S.

The folks at Brooklyn based tea atelier Bellocq are passionate about teas, navigating the world in search of the finest full-leaf teas and natural ingredients. After running an award-winning tea company in London, this purveyor of artisan tea blends relocated across the pond to Brooklyn. Lucky for us! Now we, too, can enjoy their exquisite handcrafted blends of organic full leaf teas in their signature yellow tea caddies. An affordable, everyday luxury we savor!