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  • All-Purpose Pet Bowl By Mr Dog – Black


    All-Purpose Pet Bowl By Mr Dog – Black

    Mr Dog’s signature bowl shape is ergonomically designed to allow our dogs to keep more in their mouths – and leave less on our lovingly maintained floors. The smooth, cornerless, nookless, ridgeless interior eliminates the never-ending muzzle struggle to reach every last, delectable bit. And because it’s non-toxic and water-tight, everybody stays happy and healthy.

    Handmade in small batches by Mudshark Studios in Portland, OR, known for their custom, innovative ceramic processes. The bowls’ rich, high-gloss finish comes in 4 colors created to complement practically every interior design palette. The bowl is dishwasher safe, but to preserve its life and beauty, a simple hand wash with mild soap will keep your dog’s object d’art shining like new for many years.

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  • Wire Grocery Basket


    Wire Grocery Basket

    Inspired by traditional European grocery baskets, this stackable wire basket with fold down handles is as hardworking as it is handsome in the kitchen or pantry to store food, hold tea towels, or any other miscellaneous household items. Vintage distressed finish.

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  • Set of Three Wire Storage Baskets with Tags


    Set of Three Wire Storage Baskets with Tags

    Fashioned after vintage swim club or gym locker baskets these sturdy wire baskets are the perfect hold-alls in the kitchen, pantry, office, or bathroom. There always seem to be a couple floating around most rooms of our home. Sold as a set of 3 baskets, with removable metal tags in your choice of plain tags (to add your own label) or vintage print tags. The vintage print tags feature one each for “post,” “junk,” and “stuff.”

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