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  • White Porcelain Set of 6 Espresso Cups With Stir Sticks by Seletti


    White Porcelain Set of 6 Espresso Cups With Stir Sticks by Seletti

    A great gift to give or get, six one-shot espresso cups and stirrers for swirling in the sugar. Tray sold separately.
    Witty elevation of everyday objects, or wry commentary on our disposable culture? Either way Seletti, an Italian company specializing in contemporary home wares, creates one of the cheekiest—and refined—lines we know. Called the “Estetico Quotidiano” collection, it renders humble household objects such as buckets and soup pots, plastic water bottles and drinking cups, egg cartons and storage tins in fine porcelain and thin, elegant glass. And while their reproductions may look precious, they certainly don’t act the part. All Seletti pieces are dishwasher and microwave safe.

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  • Cutting Board Oil – Lemon Essence


    Cutting Board Oil – Lemon Essence

    Our search for the perfect oil to protect and maintain the natural beauty of our cutting boards lead us to this superior product by the Blackcreek Mercantile & Trading Co., a small artisan wood workshop in upstate New York. Hand blended in small batches, each bottle of cutting board oil is derived from the highest quality ingredients such as food-grade white mineral oil, cold pressed essential oils, and bee propolis. Available in two scents, lemon and rosemary essential oils leave a subtle, pleasant scent and have natural antibacterial properties. Creates a healthy sheen and protective coat that helps prevent drying out and cracking of wood. Also makes an excellent choice for stone surfaces that require oil as part of regular maintenance such as marble and slate. Frequent use of this protective oil will keep your wooden cutting boards looking beautiful for years to come.

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  • Tailoring Shears By Sir Madam


    Tailoring Shears By Sir Madam

    We believe very household should be outfitted with a pair of these archetypal tailoring shears, guaranteed to provide years of steadfast use in tasks, large and small. Handmade by master scissor-smiths of solid brass and iron, they are inscribed with the word “Maker” on the front and the Sir/Madam mark on the back. The standard pair is a capable 8,” while the grand pair—a swoon-worthy work of art—makes a statement at a full 12.” Each comes boxed for safekeeping.

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